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The Power Of No Safety Nets

I'm a sucker for the Batman Movies directed by Christopher Nolan. In the last movie, Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne is trying to escape from a prison and repeatedly fails to scale the wall because he is tied to a rope that protects him. One of the sage prisoners finally turns to him and says " lose the rope, gain the fear, make the climb".

Success in life is a lot like that at times. Fear can be a powerful motivator that can sharpen our focus and propel us to great achievements. Cushioning ourselves with fallback options sometimes keeps us from reaching our real potential.

This week, i'm including the inspirational story of two free climbers who made history by climbing El Capitan in Yosemite with nothing but safety ropes that still exposed them to great physical injury.

I've been a Darrelle Revis fan sadly until he left my lowly NY Jets. Now a New England Patriot, it's great to hear how he percieves his time working with two great leaders like Tom Brady and Bill Belicik. The fear of "not winning" drives them with extreme focus to deliver perfection.

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