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"Priming" - To make something ready for action.

How do you start your day or get ready for a big event? Do you just roll into it or is there a process to get you ready for peak performance? Since the beginning of the year, I have become much more conscious of how my day starts. Instead of jumping to the iphone to check email, it starts with breathing, gratitudes and intentions. I believe it's real and not placebo, as I've experienced deeper, more fulfilling days.

I've also thought about the big speeches or athletic events I participate in. How do I get myself ready for action? Transitioning your body from one state to another does not take long but it does takes practice.

Incredible article this week from one of the best rugby players in the world on many levels. I particularly love his definition of how the "Haka" primes the team. If you don't know what that means you need to read about Dan Carter and the New Zealand Allblacks.

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