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I remember a great debate on human behavior where the data scientist argued how important it was to throw away the outlier data points so the line fit better. The psychologist in the room said " well if you throw those points out, then you will miss out on what's possible". Two amazing video's of what's possible this week including a 77 year old body building heroine and a skiing marvel.

Thanks to everyone who shared some great stuff this week. Please email me at any media that makes you feel empowered, smart or just feel great.

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Wizebits by Tom Patterson

Tom Patterson is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Father and Surfer. Tom has started, run and advised dozens of companies. Tom is commited to exploring the boundaries of our true human potential so we can achieve fulfillment in our work and personal lives. Please subcribe to the Wizebits weekly newslettter by CLICKING HERE

Wizebits by Tom Patterson